Register today and be a godparent soon!

Dear Melton Fellows,
Dear godparents to be,

It’s that time of the year again: another cycle of our MF Godparents program is about to start, and YOU could be the godmother or godfather of a Fellow from our latest batch.

Register HERE by 10th Jan 2013 and be a godparent soon!

Being a godparent is a fantastic way to share your stories about the MF in your life, especially the many stories that have never been written down …

As MF godparent, you are a guide and mentor to one new Fellow in their journey to discover the Foundation, and our wonderful Fellows. And if you feel you have become a little rusty in MF affairs, don’t worry: this is a great opportunity to explore recent changes in the MF program through direct interaction with Fellows from the most recent batch.

Why wait? Fill in your registration today and get in touch with your godchild as soon as early 2013.

All that being a godparent requires is:

  • being a Senior Fellow – or a Junior Fellow in the second year and beyond
  • making yourself available and approachable for a new Fellow to share your experience,
  • being willing to learn and discover together, and
  • helping your godchild obtain the best possible benefits from her/his Melton Fellowship
  • getting in contact with the New Fellows by the end of January 2013.

The meaning and impact of your engagement, however, is immense:

  • you further cross-cultural learning and understanding by giving AND gaining profounder insight into a culture different from yours
  • through friendly, personal interactions, you build our network of trust
  • you help to enhance the Melton Network through interaction and bonding across generations


Our Senior Fellow & Interactivity Coordinator Lars Dietzel is here to support you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with him to discuss your questions, comments, or concerns.

Don’t miss this chance and REGISTER by 10th Jan 2013!

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