Call for Passionate Interculturalists

Are you a passionate interculturalist? Are you interested in promoting cross-cultural learning? Then we invite you to join our project group “cultural-videos”.

Who we are?

So far, we are a group of eight Melton Fellows and are recruiting additional team members. Our team includes: Barbara Mora, Barbara Nietzel, Bernardita Ruffinelli, Christine Maiden, Hanwen Xiong, Haonan Wu, Nickhil Kumar Sharma, Yifan Zhang

Our goal?

Collect cultural experiences and produce videos to promote crosscultural understanding.


There is still a lot of ignorance about cultures in the world. Not necessarily because people are unwilling to learn, but because they have no forum to talk and reflect on stereotypes, personal experiences or difficult situations with individuals from other cultures – including issues that are considered a taboo.Videos are a powerful way to trigger the reflection process and can help to promote intercultural learning. These short videos feature real situations of intercultural encounters focusing on cultural differences or people telling about their experiences. The videos will give insights into different communication styles, working structures etc. and provide a sound basis for further analysis and reflection. They can be used within and outside the MF.

More questions or want to join?

Write to or to Barbara Nietzel.

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