Do You Have What it Takes to be a Godparent?

Another cycle of the legendary MF Godparents program is about to start, and you could be the next godmother or godfather to one of our New Fellows 2013.

Being a godparent is a great way for Senior Fellows to share their stories and insights about the Foundation. They are a guide and mentor to one of our New Fellows as they discover this wonderful Foundation, our community, the power of this network … and the many stories that have never been written down.

Why wait if you can sign up today and make your wish come true before Christmas?

It’s not as hard as you think! All it takes to be a godparent is to:

  • start the conversation via email, Skype, or social media in January 2014
  • discover and learn together
  • help your godchild obtain the best possible benefit from their Melton Fellowship

The impact, however, is manifold:

  • you encourage cross-cultural learning and understanding by giving AND gaining profound insight into different cultures
  • through friendly, personal interactions across generations, you live and enhance our network of trust
  • you build a lasting relationship with a younger Fellow who shares your interests and passions

And if you feel you have become a little rusty in MF matters, don’t worry! This is your chance to explore the MF program together with your godchild.

Don’t miss this chance and register until 22 December 2013 at!

For further questions, please contact Lars Dietzel directly.

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