The Melton Day Challenge 2016

Inspired by the many amazing  Acts of Global Citizenship our Melton Fellows have performed in last year’s campaign, fellows in our 6 partner universities took it one step further this year for the Melton Day Challenge. The challenge was to not only multiply an act, but also adapt it to a different cultural environment. Here are the results!

Ashesi (Ghana) - Thoughts on Gender Equality

"For our Campus Act of Global Citizenship, we at Ashesi did a series of video interviews showing different perspectives on Gender Equality and posted them on our YouTube and Facebook channels." - Tito Magero


BMS (India) - Free Market

"To promote a sustainable habit of exchanging useful items that one no longer uses but may satisfy another's need, without the need to spend money and resources on new products, we organised a free market, where Fellows brought items like clothes, books, stationery and video games so that people on campus could come to the stall and pick up items that they liked or needed.

The event was a success, as most people who showed up and spoke to us thought it was a really good initiative and were interested in the aim behind the event. We also got some useful feedback and will definitely use it to make the next iteration more successful.

The most important aspects of this event are sustainability and promoting a community atmosphere. By looking within our own communities to satisfy any needs we have, we can be a lot more sustainable and contribute towards protecting the Earth's resources." - Akshay Nelakurti

DU (USA) - Sustainable Fashion & Gender Equality

"To encourage a sustainable lifestyle among Dillard University students and to promote a culture of reusing and exchanging clothing rather than disposing and buying, we organized a Clothes Swap. The concept is also beneficial for college students with limited financial resources. The experience was a great one and will be replicated at least once every semester at Dillard University.

In addition, to educate students about the existence of gender, economic, educational and social inequality and to highlight the role students can play in advocating for equaliy, we organized a screening of the "He Named Me Malala" documentary. By sharing Malala's story, we were able to enlighten several students about Malala's dedication towards ensuring educational equality although her life was at risk." - Oluseun Joaquim

FSU (Germany) - Gender Equality Perspectives

"Our campus group identified persons in our close surroundings to share their opinion on Gender Equality and take action to spread it. We interviewed them about their opinion and actions and took a picture to have a visual eye-catcher. In the end, we combined the different stories from different parts of the world and shared them with our online community to inspire others to take action for gender equality.

Gender inequality is still a problem in all parts of the world - however you can find in all these places young global citizens promoting gender equality, too! By sharing their stories we want to invite you to reflect on the situation of gender equality in your own community, to discuss it with your friends and hopefully, to stand up for gender equality yourselves inspired by these powerful stories!" - Felicitas Hartl

UFRO (Chile) - Sustainable & Fair Fashion

"To promote the reuse of clothes between fellows, as well as raise awareness for sustainable and fair clothing brands in Chile, the UFRO campus shared an afternoon making clothing exchange between fellows, and generating a discussion regarding sustainable clothing brands in Chile.

It was a pleasant experience because we could share some tea and food, and analyze how Chile has adopted a more sustainable production of clothes, and what has been the impact of these small projects. We were able to share different perspectives and opinions in an atmosphere of respect, and clothing exchange was a very interactive way to give the start up for the discussion, and think of larger initiatives.

We realized that our country is not well invested in producing clothes in the most sustainable way, and that reinforced our idea to continue doing this kind of awareness activities." - Francisca Cantos

ZU (China) - Yoga for Inner Peace

"In our local community ZU campus, many have suffered constant stress of academic competition, relationship tension and so on. Some spends several sleepless night to finish the overwhelming tasks before the deadline,or just to write the perfect paper that could defeat others. The complexities of interpersonal relations also bother us a lot. It’s a real challenge to hold up under the daily stress without an effective way to manage stress.

We conducted the Melton Day Challenge of ZU, "Yoga for Inner Peace", after our biweekly meeting. We were all relaxed physically and mentally and we are considering reaching out to a local organization, where we could be volunteers to teach yoga to students with mental disorders." - Ziqi Zhou



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