Call for godparents 2016

Goodfellas and Godparents - let no good deed go unpunished

It’s time again to launch the all-time favorite godparents program. If you feel you want to share your experience, nurture potential and mentor a young person to help her potential unfold - seize the opportunity and become a godparent to our New Fellows 2016.

Being a godparent is simple, fun, and an enriching experience. It’s an opportunity to share a piece of your wisdom, to tell your stories of when you first joined the Foundation and the many things that have happened ever since, and to challenge bright young minds to go beyond their limits and become the change they want want to see in this world.

The following are suggestions and good practices of how to start off on the right foot:  

  • Connect via email, whatsapp or social media - the personal touch can make all the difference.
  • Share the experiences you’ve had with the Melton Foundation - happiness is often just an email or a Skype-call away
  • Invite your godchild to tell you about her/his work on current projects and expect to hear quite some amazing stories - during the New Fellow Program but also as they work on bigger projects being a Junior Fellow following January 2017.
  • Ask questions and challenge her/his opinion - it’s this exercise that helps us re-think and improve ourselves.
  • Give feedback on her/his work in MF projects and beyond - your insights can make all the difference
  • Help your godchild get the most out of the Melton Community - and (in return) you get first-hand insights about what the MF is up to these days.

Click here and sign up to be a godparent by 23 September 2016.

  • WHAT DO THE NEW FELLOWS ACTUALLY DO? (click for details)

    The New Fellows started their online-training in May 2016. Over the course of seven months, they explore important aspect or method that is a must for every global citizen: from intercultural competence to social Innovation, from communication to project planning. Each month is dedicated to one specific aspect of global citizenship and kicks off with Senior Fellow experts provide thematic insights during a 60 min impulse session, followed by a small task for the New Fellows to resolve, and a reflection session at the end of the month. The monthly modules are interconnected and help the New Fellows become more aware, take responsibility and develop their skills to implement actions locally with the bigger, global picture in mind. The New Fellows Training culminates at the NFO in Berlin (Germany) in January 2017, where they share achievements and launch them into meaningful project teams.
    The New Fellows are currently working on designing meaningful solution to a local problem. As a next step, we to take their proposal apart, help them become aware of their own bias(es) and eventually challenge them to take their solution further by considering good practices - also from elsewhere.

    And this is where you would come in: Invite your godchild to share her/his project idea ask questions, challenge her/ his position and share your thoughts on how to make the project idea even more meaningful. You can achieve this with one or two Skype calls and/or by exchanging a few emails between now and December 2016.

Until today, more than 100 Senior Fellows have guided New Fellows as they explore the many opportunities the Melton Foundation and our community can offer to multiply their own potential. As mentors, they have helped unfold potential and support the development of young global citizens in their personal and professional journey.

You can be one of them: sign up and start the conversation with your godchild this October!

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