Pre-GCC Activities 2017

More than just an event, the Global Citizenship Conference is embedded in an experiential learning journey that we will embark on. Pre-GCC activities are designed to help participants connect to the thematic and socio-cultural context of the conference. Starting 3 months prior to the conference, Pre-GCC-activities open spaces online and in-person at our partner universities to discuss, reflect and exchange expectations, and knowledge, as well as prejudices and fears.

Online Activities

The online component of this year's Pre-GCC-Activities primarily focus on two aspects: building critical awareness about the African context and flexing our Global Citizenship muscle in order to stimulate fresh ideas and perspectives ahead of time.

Click here to learn more about the activities we have prepared for you.

On-Site Activities

The GCC is your opportunity to become more aware of global issues, live up to your potential as you take responsibility for some of the world's most challenging global issues, forge solutions and take action to tackle these issues - locally and globally. The Pre-GCC-Activities help you prepare for this. To do so we need to be aware of the urging issue we want to address, know our networks and resources and identify approaches/tools we want can use to take actions.

Let’s identify issues you feel passionate about, communities you want to work with and approaches/tools that inspire you together step-by-step! 

  • Step 1: Seek inspiration on the ground (click here for details)

    Screen your local community, global communities you are part of or the internet. Look out for inspiring movies, articles and/or websites keeping the following aspects in mind: Issue, Community, Approach/Tool. Then fill in the prepared templates (available for download here)

    Please note: In this first step, we encourage you to get creative and think ‘outside the box’. Don’t worry about causal connection between the four aspects - we shall get back to this at a later stage. Write down those issues that you observe and feel most passionate about, community/ies you form part of and that you feel most committed to, as well as interesting approaches/tools people/organizations, etc. use to solving a(ny) particular issue.

    The following videos will help you fill in the templates by offering you instructions and examples.



  • Step 2: Share your findings (click here for details)

    Come together on your campus and share your findings. Here some examples what you can do:

    • Movie Screening: Did someone come across a very inspiring movie? Meet and watch it together!
    • Speed Dating: Bring your templates to on of your (next) meetings. Sit together in pairs and take 2 minutes to share your findings with a partner, then it’s the other person’s turn. After 4 minutes, form new pairs and start again. To make the Speed Dating more fun, you can use a time buzzer to keep track of the 2-minute time intervals.
    • Poster Presentation: Everyone creates a simple poster to explain the 3 aspects (issue, community, approach/ tool) and brings it to the meeting to present it.
    • Award: Vote for the most inspiring issue, community, approach/tool. The Fellow with the most ‘out-of-the-box’ observation receives a little gift.
    • What else can you think of? Be creative and go for it….

    Summarize your insights in short article (no more than 200 words) and, together with some pictures from the activities, share it on the GhanaGCC2017-Channel by August 1st. Plus send pictures of all the templates from your campus group to Julia Maier.

  • Step 3: Bring your findings to the GCC (click here for details)

    At the GCC, we will assemble the different issues, communities and approaches/tools you have come up with on a big wall. This collective pool of ideas will be the kick-off to transform your passion into Acts of Global Citizenship and Project Teams.

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