MF Goes Carbon Neutral

Credits: Inspired by the collaboration with the Climate Reality Project, Melton Fellows are promoting best practices for climate neutral event organization within the Melton Foundation.

For more than five years, Melton Fellows have discussed effects of climate change, exchanged ideas to tackle the issue, and worked in projects to take action on climate change. Also, the Melton Foundation together with The Climate Reality Project have support Fellows since 2013 to gain from Climate Leadership Trainings around the world and to become part of a global community dedicated to help solve the climate crisis.
The interest in climate change and sustainability and the passion of many Melton Fellows to address this issue is obvious.

This project team, wants to move the discussion to a next level! We aspire to promote sustainability by being the good examples ourselves, first. And what’s a better place to start than in your own community?

Each year, the Melton Foundation’s Global Citizenship Conference (GCC) brings together approximately 100 participants – including Melton Fellows, staff from partner universities, delegates from for-profit and non-profit organizations, and leading Global Citizenship advocates, practitioners, and experts – to share ideas, learn skills, forge partnerships, and act on local and global issue.
The downside: the GCC comes with a high carbon footprint, the use of additional resources, and an increased production of waste. This project team has come together to improve our practices and – eventually – be able to organize carbon neutral conferences – anywhere in the world.

Together we can make a difference! How?

  • Collaborate closely with the conference organizers - starting day one
  • Do the math’s and calculate the carbon footprint for the event
  • Identify variables and research sustainable alternatives that are feasible in the context of the host
  • Generate awareness globally and inspire initiatives to offset the remaining carbon-footprint decentralized around the world.

The team came together in early 2015 and is currently developing ideas to significantly reduce waste as well as considering carbon offsetting and renewable gifts. More over are building awareness about how everyone contributes to the climate crisis and the possibilities that come with it to help solve it.

Our goal: to develop guideline for sustainable event organization that is rich on creative ideas about how individuals and organizations can convene globally while being considerate about climate, resources and planetary boundaries.

Join the team and help neutralize our own carbon emissions!

Click here to get in touch with the coordinator of the team.

Click to download Green GCC Good Practice Examples


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